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We believe our handmade cashmere products are the perfect gift for any occasion.  But don’t just take our word about it, below are some comments from some of our valued customers.

​“I give you the Obama scarf!  It is beautiful and soft and warm, as it should be as it is cashmere!  Recycled cashmere to be precise. My first cashmere anything. Thank you so much!"

"I love the scarf, a great choice by Bubba and a great creation by you."

"Thank you for the last round of blankets.  Hands down the most gorgeous E-V-E-R!!!  You've really outdone yourself.


"It's a couch potato's dream come true!  I love my cashmere blanket.  Great colors and its sooo soft.  And I love that you made it for me!"

"I love, love, love it!  It's cashmere, it's political, it's witty, it's gorgeous, and you made it - perfect!  When I tell you I never leave home without it, you are to believe me!  A million thanks..."

"Here's to a cashmere coccon in a harsh world!  ~A satisfied customer"

"I just opened it with my husband and we are both blown away.  What a creative concept and gorgeous blanket!!"

"It's lovely and different from any throw I could imagine.  Thank you!"

"Just beautiful as always.  Can't imagine a home without one! :)"

"My blankets are gorgeous.  Made to order just like I wanted.  Fast service and fast shipping.  Thanks Elf Cashmere!"

"Rowan’s blanket is just amazing, and we all love it!!  The design is perfect, and the contrast between the back and the front is really cool.   Rowan is just starting to think about crawling, so we set her down on the blanket and she seemed very happy.  You got it just right!!"

"Your blanket is the only reason that I'm looking forward to winter"

"I get so many compliments on my new scarf!  I just love the details of the buttons, thanks for my own one-of-a-kind luxury."

Click on this pic for some special details.

"I recently received the Esme James blanket from my friend Starr!!  I can't tell you how much I LOVE it! It is gorgeous and decadant.  Perfect.  My favorite gift ever.  I truly love love love owning and using it."

"Just opened the gift. It is gorgeous! You are the best at what you do!

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